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In King County Recovery Conversations, you'll listen to real stories of people who are in recovery and be inspired to share your own! Our conversations focus on personal experiences, resources, and support available for those who are seeking to overcome substance use and mental health challenges. Our goal is to inspire hope, foster community, and promote recovery in the King County area and beyond.

Find King County Recovery Conversations anywhere you typically listen to podcasts.

*Call for Recovery Stories and Behavioral Health Experts!*

We are looking for people like you — let’s chat about recovery. 


If you are interested in participating in this podcast, please fill out the form to the right. To share suggestions or referrals, please contact Heather at

Check out Episode 19, "From Fentanyl to Freedom: Personal Tales from Recovery High School":

Meet Your Host

Heather Venegas, Director of KCRC

"We DO Recover!"

Heather Venegas is a servant leader in long-term recovery, and has lived experience with both substance use and mental health. She is passionate about the transformative power of recovery and loves to help others experience the gifts that recovery has given her. Heather joined the King County Recovery Coalition as the first Director in 2018.

Heather is active in global service travel as well as being of service locally. She brings joy, creativity, and compassion to all she does. Heather is a women of many talents - she's a skilled speaker, teacher, coach, and even an ordained minister! She has a Master's degree in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute. She is deeply committed to our vision of making recovery a reality for all. 

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